Ground Blind Stake


Keep your bow and gun out of the dirt with this great new ground blind stake. Attach any of the High Point Archery Accessories to this convenient tool and your ground hunt will never be the same.


Our new archery and hunting ground blind stake will change the way you hunt on the ground.  You now have the ability to attach all of the High Point Archery  and Hunting Products to stake in your ground blind.  Every thing from our bow holder, cup holder, camera holder to even our crossbow holder can now be quickly attached to this stake.  Your bow is now hands-free and out of the dirt. Also without the use of a tripod you can quickly record your hunts.  Another great application is attaching our camo to the stake and using as portable blind to break up your outline.  You can also buy the ground stake bundled with accessories and a 10% discount | In-Blind Setup