Ground Blind Stake | Archery Kit with Tray

$66.00 $59.40

Our ground blind stake kit comes with a durable ground blind stake, bow holder, cup holder and burger tray. Designed specifically with bow hunters in mind, this kit will keep everything you need to enjoy a long day of hunting comfortably within arm’s reach.

Ground Blind Stake

Keep your bow and gun out of the dirt with this great new ground blind stake. Attach any of the High Point Archery Accessories to this convenient tool and your ground hunt will never be the same.

$22.00 $19.80

Tree Stand Adjustable Beverage Holder

For the Hunter who logs in many hours on the stand. This adjustable cup holder is the answer to a lot of questions. Easily mounts to 1 inch and 3/4 inch square tubing as well well as 1 inch and 3/4 inch round tubing using our Conveniently holds large and small cups as well as has hooks for hanging accessories.


Tree Stand Bow Holder

This is the Crew-Cab of the bow holder world.  This bow holder quickly attaches to most tree stands with out the use of any tools.  Once attached the rubber boot makes for deadly silent action as you remove your bow for your shot.


The Burger Tray | Requires High Point Cup Holder

Quickly attach this burger tray to your High Point Archery Beverage Holder.

$3.00 $2.70


Another great product made by bow hunters, for bow hunters, this ground blind stake kit comes equipped with a bow holder, cup holder and burger tray. Thanks to its lightweight modular design, our archery kit can be carried to and from your ground blind with ease. You can even attach our camouflage to the stake and use it as a small, portable blind.

Furthermore, our ground blind stakes are compatible with many other High Point products as well. From camera mounts to crossbow holders, you can customize your kit with a variety of accessories to suit your unique needs.

Whether you’re turkey or deer hunting, this kit will keep your bow and accessories safely off the ground and at the ready.

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Tree Stand Adjustable Beverage Holder

Tree Stand Bow Holder