Bow Stabilizer With Camera Mount


This is a convenient bow stabilizer with camera mount attaches to your stabilizer insert for great first person footage of your kill shot. Works with smart phones, Go-Pros and standard cameras. The weight also acts to replace the balancing affect of the stabilizer. Another great American made product.



Our stabilizer camera mount offers three great features:

  • The material used is a TPE resin designed to eliminate shock and vibration, which creates clear undistorted video through the shot.
  • The stabilizer body was designed for better balance of your bow with easy access for video camera operation with minimum movement.
  • The camera platform will attach to any small video camera and includes a GoPro adaptor and iPhone holder, plus a flashlight holder. This camera platform can quickly be removed and our NEW weighted dampeners can be added when filming is not an option.

We have two model dampeners: the skull and bones and the Punisher dampeners are available in black, red, pink and neon green. These accessories are sold separately.

The stabilizers are also available in camouflage, black, pink and neon green.

You can’t find a stabilizer with more features at this price, and like all our products satisfaction is guaranteed and they are MADE IN THE USA.


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