Tree Stand Mounted Camera Holder 3-in-1


This great NEW product solves a number of hunting problems.  It allows you to check your phone at a glance with minimum movement and it allows you to be on the ready to record your hunt with a touch of a button.  Don’t miss a text and and don’t miss a shot.


High Point Products has added new mounting features to it’s tree stand camera mount. This lightweight camera mount now includes two new adapters that makes the product an even better value to add to your filming equipment. Along with the versatile camera mount that attaches to most cameras and video cameras, it now comes with a Go Pro adapter and smart phone holder to help make your hunt more recordable.

Smart Phone: The stand-mountable smart phone holder allows anyone hands-free recording of their hunts. No need to pack a camera or wish you had one with you. The camera holder quickly mounts to nearly any standard tree stand without the use of tools, and any size smart phone quickly clips into the device.

Go-Pro: The go pro attachment quickly screws onto the handle control mount.  You can then quickly attach and detach your Go-Pro at the beginning and end of your hunt. Don’t miss a chance to catch your hunt in stunning HD.

 Standard Camera: Do you have a camera you would prefer to use? You can quickly screw the camera on the the handle control mount and be ready for filming.

+Other Uses: If you get creative you can even remove the tree stand clamp and attach the camera holder to anything you can drill a hole in.  Think about your kayak for great water photos, Your four wheeler or anything else you can think of.

Another aspect of this product that makes it great is that nearly every tree stand will accept High Point’s stand attachment, even round tube stands. Without the need for any tools, the camera holder base and control stick mounts to 1″ and 3/4″ square tube stands as well as 1″ and 3/4″ round tube stands. The round tube stands do require an additional round tube clamp that High Point sells for an affordable $6 USD (BUY HERE). Regardless of round or square tubing, the device attaches with a couple of wing nuts in less than 30 seconds. Due to the quality construction this attachment can even be left on-stand through the hunting season.