As we put together our first post on our blog I thought it would be fitting to share the excitement of the first hunt.  I have a 2 year old son who is infatuated with hunting and fishing; likely my passion had some influence on him!  I have made it a point to take him on all of the hunting and fishing trips I can, which has required me getting creative with my techniques.  Obviously the convenience of High Point Products has helped give me extra hands along the way, but I found other ways to take the little guy along.  I used a child backpack carrier to bring him along for pheasant, rabbit and deer hunts.  This spring I purchased a blind and use the Ground Blind Stake so the little guy could come on turkey hunts with me.  And for trout fishing, I strap him in a life jacket and let him play on the creek bank as I try to reel in the big ones!

Just like an opening blog post, the first hunt is about what is to come.  I am looking forward to High Point adding great content and hunting articles to their site just as I am looking forward to the spirit and passion for hunting to grow in my son.  For all of the excitement hunting brings me, it does not compare to seeing the excitement in my son!  Here is a video of my son using the Ground Blind Stake with his rubber-band gun.